Sunday, September 11, 2011

Talk to me, Mami

So this week I don't think I have ever laughed so hard at anyone or anything.  Over the past few months our three year old has often said to me "talk to me."  We could be in the car driving home from school or to church, walking in the grocery store or even while watching a movie.  Each time I would stop what I was doing, turn off the tv or radio and talk to him.  I found it wonderful that he wanted me to talk to him!  

Well while looking at pictures the other day he was naming every one in our family, Papi, Tia, Hallie and the list goes on.  Every time he came to a picture of me he would say, "talk to me."  For a while I thought he didn't know my name so we would remind him "that's mami (pronounced ma mee)."  Well after a few times he would yell no "talk to me"  at which point we realized he thought my name was "Talk to Me."  I couldn't stop laughing!!!!

Since he has been in our home we have to remind him to talk and not to grunt or whine.  I would do this by getting down to his level, pointing to my chest and say "talk to me, I can only hear words, talk to me."  I guess in all of the reminders he just picked up that my name is "talk to me."  haha :)

 We debating correcting him but we have since decided to remind him that it's Mami.....but for now he calls me "talk to me, mami."  And then I always answer of course baby, mami would love to talk to you! 

I love our little ones!

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