Monday, September 19, 2011

Empower to Connect

Last weekend Buck and I went to a conference held at our church for adoptive and foster families.  I was excited about the conference because my favorite author/researcher on the topic of helping kids "from hard places" was going to be speaking.  I have read all of her material and have heard her speak before but this time I was more ready listen because we are in the trenches with kids from hard places all day every day.  It's not my job anymore, it's our life.

When it comes to research I am somewhat of a cynic considering it's hard to find good research and data.  However, Dr. Purvis is right on and flawless in her research methods.  So as a foster parent and someone who respects science and loves having good resources I thought I would share with you her resources.  If you are a foster/adoptive parent, know someone who is or just have a desire to love kids from hard places, please take some time to read, reread and reread this book.  And remember there is no child that God does not have an answer for, we must keep looking and show His mercies to each child and it will be hard!

Check these out and you will not be disappointed

The Connect Child

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