Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer is over (well not the temps)

So school starts at the Baskin house tomorrow, Buck goes back to work! I can't believe it's time for the school year to start but I am so excited.  I am looking forward to walking the oldest to and from school along with staying home with the baby :)   Speaking of the baby she will turn 3 months old on Tuesday and of course we will have to have a cake in her honor.  She is full of energy, giggling, smiling and growing!!!!!  She has grown 4 inches and 5 pounds since we first got her placed with us.  She is such a joy!

I am hoping to find a group of stay at home moms so I won't feel so out of touch.  The one or two that I knew in my area have decided to go back to work and though I believe that me being home is what is best for our situation and with our little ones I am a little afraid of being disconnect with friends and what is going on outside of our house.  So luckily I have two little ones who love the car and enjoy being out doing things!  Just because I am a stay at home mom now doesn't mean we will stay at home!  (or least that's the plan as of now).

Please continue to pray for the little ones and their bio family.  We have had a great time getting to know them and getting to love on the whole family this summer.  And as school begins and schedules aren't as flexible we hope to still be able to love on them all.  What a blessing this summer has been for us!

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