Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break Lesson

So this Spring break started off with taking family pictures.  I know this is a normal thing that many families do, however I found it a pure joy to be able to take these pictures. Our photographer was/is amazing and she worked with us to truly capture our family and the journey that brought us together.  And like anything in our family we share with the whole family.  My parents, niece and sister were all out there to help us bring smiles; it was cold but fun!

After pictures we went to watch a friend play softball.  Her grandparents and sister were there to watch as well.   It was fun to catch up and enjoy being together.

Next was a wedding celebration for a cousin of Buck's.  The kids played with their cousins, ran around the house and it was a time of prayer, celebration and just joy.

The middle of the week was miserable with a stomach bug....

Then the weekend came again and this time we spent it with Buck's family celebrating a birthday.  Again the kids played, kissed and hugged each other, giggled and enjoyed being together.  I love hearing them laugh and wanting to be with each other, so much there were tears when we had to leave.

So why the I was looking through our proofs of the pictures I think it was the first time I truly sat back and look at us as a family.  We do not look like each other, but Niki does have my smile and Baby J drums on everything and sings all the time like Buck.  I love that these kids are our normal.  I love how their personalities fit with us, our extended family and friends.  I love how no matter where we are they seem to bring joy.  I love celebrating their differences from us but seeing how they are just like us as well.  I love how our friends and family (well most of them) didn't question this foster care adoption journey and embraced it.  What a beautiful story for our kids!

I know there will be hard times for our kids.  I know that people will questions us like the lady a few weeks ago in JC Penny's who questioned me if I was really baby J's mom.  I know that our kids will have kids who ask them questions, but for now I am grateful for the love they are receiving and pray that in the hard times, Buck and I will have the words to say, compassion when listening and that Niki and Baby J will be able look around and remember just how much their family and our friends love them.

I wonder too that if we take more time with others loving them even when we disagree, we listen with compassion to others and enjoy being with others that we then show a true example of Christ love for all.  Honestly I don't have this down, I still have people I have a hard time loving (whether it was something they did to me to said about someone else, etc).  Seeing how the kids this week didn't ask questions they just played with each other and laughed makes me want a little more of that in my life.  Here's to me trying harder to love like Christ loves me, my kids and all and may I remember the smiles and laughs when things get hard.

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