Friday, May 2, 2014

National Foster Care Awareness Month

May is national foster care awareness month.  While sitting outside watching my littles play I got an email from Buckner International reminding me about it and asking me to pray for kids in care.  Here was their requests for today 

Prayer Guide: 
Pray for greater understanding of the Scripture's teaching on the concept of adoption as a picture of the gospel. 
Pray for the biological families of children in foster care. Pray that they would have strength and courage to take necessary steps so that reunification would be possible.

As I began to think through Buckner's prayer requests I thought what would mine be?  What would I really want others to understand about the kids we love, the work we have be called to do and the little ones we currently have adopted and to the future kids we may adopt or serve for a short time on our home. So here is my shameless plug for foster care and adoption (specifically adoption through CPS care).

1.  HELP!!!!  Pray on how you can help.  Whether that means becoming a foster parent yourself, giving your money, time and resources to kids in care, or coming alongside a family who is fostering and loving them.  Buck and I have said this many times and I will keep saying it, we cannot do this alone.  It takes a team.  The kids may live in our house but it's others time, resources, babysitting, and prayers that allows us to keep going.  If you don't know how to help just ask!  Foster parents in general are pretty vocal so we will let you know.  And sometimes (at least for me) I just need a nap, or some clothes for a new placement and who doesn't love shopping for kid clothes!

2. Pray for a compassion. So people judge.  I get that it's a part of life you have to learn to deal with.  And I have been judged on many things....who I vote or didn't vote for, what movies I like, how I dress (I hate to wear shoes ever), how I clean (we are a clutter crew at my house), etc....but I have never felt more judged that when I became a parent.  Everyone has a way that is best or know what is better.  And while I hope you choose to not judge all parents please do not judge us as foster parents.  Kids do not always fit a mold which means parenting looks different.  We are trying our best to love someone else's kids as our own, and to teach them what being part of a family is like and most importantly that God loves them.  So unless we ask for your opinion or you think you know what's best...I refer you back to my first (ask how you can help).  Being a mom and dad is hard no matter how the kids got to your home (birth, adoption, CPS, raising a family members child, etc) let's not make it harder on each other.  

Also please pray for compassion for our kids and do not judge where they come from, where their parents come from or did and how they act.  Pray how to love our and all foster kids through their circumstances.  The last thing they need is someone judging them for things out of their control.

3.  And lastly (and maybe it should have been first)...Pray for each child in care and the family they represent.  There is never an easy reason a child is in care.  Sometimes the tiniest of people have to deal with the biggest of circumstances.  Pray for their hearts to feel love, to feel cared for, to feel safety and to know God's love.  Pray for their families they too have big hurts and hand ups as well.  

So I ask you to join me in prayer for all foster children, foster families, and those who are making the decisions in their lives (CPS workers, judges, foster care workers, etc) during this month of National Foster Care awareness and always.

*If you every suspect a child is being neglected or abused please call the National Child Abuse hotline  1.800.4.A.CHILD (1.800.422.4453) or online at

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