Monday, October 8, 2012

Doing life together

I love October..fall weather, leaves, perfect camping weather, hoodies, the fair, and of course the beginning of the holiday season (well at least the planning part).  It's almost as if you get a new start as we finish up the year.

I have had some friends ask why I haven't updated in a while but to be happens.  Our kids' cases have gotten messy and we need to be super careful about what is said.  I do ask for prayers not only for our little ones but for those who are making big decisions that will affect them in a big way.

Though the past few months have been hard at our house, we are not the only ones.  Life has been messy for many of our friends and for the first time I have lived in the DFW area I believe I truly know what it means when Jesus tells us to "mourn with those who mourn and rejoice with those who rejoice."  We have been blessed with a great group of friends who we have been able to do life together.  We have celebrated birthdays, weddings, new jobs, new children and we've mourned the loss of jobs, a loss of a baby and other family members together.  And together it's been made the messiness of life beautiful!

So to my book club friends and my church family I thank you.  Thank you for letting us do life with you and doing life with us.  I am grateful and feel blessed as we continue to do life together.

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