Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hard Week- Big Blessings

I would be lying if I said anything but this week was hard.  Everyone cried, everyone yelled, everyone was tired and everyone was ready for the long weekend.

School started this week and we were all excited.  Backpacks were packed, first day of clothes were super cute and we drove to school all smiles.  Then one of the schools called and for the second time we needed to change the school one of the little ones was registered at (long story but we are happy now).  And it began to unfold from there.  Every appointment we had made was changed, every family visit was on a different day, every time I tried to clean up something I created another mess, and our oldest who has a difficult time with change anyway was having a hard time with his behavior.  The kids' cases are also in the midst of big decisions which affect us and the little ones.  On top of that I spent many hours in the car too---therapy, doctors appointments, etc.

I remember looking at Buck on Wednesday night and saying "I can't remember the last time I ate a full meal or when I took a bath"  I realize I should have done better and I realize that eating and bathing are both super important but honestly if I remembered to get out of my pajamas last week to make it to school on time I felt successful.

On Thursday I took some time to cry it out and I decided to have a better rest of the week.  I would like to say that things got easier but well they didn't.  However, I felt better.  When I took time to look at the blessings and when some good friends rallied around us life's hard times felt much better.

Next week I will remember to eat, and I will take baths :).  I will continue to need the help of my friends and family.  And though I can't expect it to get easier as we add soccer and dance to the mix, my attitude will be better because I am grateful for blessings of friends who are letting us borrow a big car because we don't all fit in one of our cars, for the phone calls of people checking in on us, for promised of outings with friends next week, for a good long chat with my former youth pastor, for my mom and her pep talks and suggestions, for my sister listening to me whine, for my husband understanding I was overwhelmed and for four great kids that God is allowing us to be a part of their life story whether it be short term or long term!

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