Saturday, November 3, 2012

Election Day at our house

I know there is a lot that there is a lot going on with the elections coming up.  However I would like to ask you if you remember to take some time on election day to say a prayer for two of our little ones.  Their case goes to mediation and it's an important one this time.  I know every thing in their case is important but this has to do with their future placement.  We are praying for big things because we know we serve a big God.

Also, just as a quick update we are still going strong and enjoying a house full of busy busy kids who we love.  We have finally reached a normal for our family and though it may look different than most families we are blessed to have these children in our home and praying we are making the most of every opportunity while they are with us.  All four of them are growing and have brought personality, smiles, (sometimes tears) and blessings to us.

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