Sunday, August 12, 2012

What a month it has been...

So much to update on that I am not sure where to begin so let's start with the oldest child in our home.

Thanks so much to everyone who has been praying and checking on our the oldest little one.  His behavior is slowly getting better.  His tantrums are not nearly as long and the intensity of the tantrums are not has high either.  We are using some new techniques coupled with a few other things.  It's taken a team of professionals and friends/family but we are so thankful.  We are able to enjoy more of the day and see his little personality emerge now that he is not so angry all the time, for this we are grateful.

In the midst of having to help our oldest I felt as though we were not giving his sister as much attention as I thought she needed.  It was hard to play with her and help keep the oldest safe from his own actions.  But with less tantrums she is getting more time with us. She is truly one of the funniest little divas ever.  She loves her princess clothes and at age four can pick up on sarcasm and appropriately return it.  She is so full of life.  What a joy it has been to get to see her shine.  Her new favorite thing is to declare it "dance time" and we turn on a record, yes I said record and we all dance, even Buck.  I have had to let my inner girliness come out (it's usually hidden) with her but it's totally been worth every minute.

Also many of you may know by now that our first two little ones are now back with us so were are a family of 6 now-with lots of dirt, snotty noses, going everywhere in two cars, lots and lots of laundry and well lots and lots of energy.  The first few days were hard.  Buck and I both felt mixed reactions about them being back in care.  We are saddened for their mom and hate she is having such a rough time.  We felt this go around that a friend was hurting and it was harder  to hear all the details.  On the other hand what a joy these little ones are to everyone they meet.  Always smiling, using manners, and loving people. The only issue is that the baby will not let anyone else hold her....she loves Buck and Buck only and well she could take or leave me.  :)  I do think she is getting better but she still is wanting him a lot.

Once again thank you to all our friends and family who not only have been praying for us but who have checked in on us or dropped off clothes, a meal, a mattress, money for princess curtains, etc.  Buck and I may look tired and we may have forgotten to properly thank you but we do.  We CANNOT do this with out you all.  And we love you all jumping in our mess so it doesn't feel so messy!

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