Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I must start by saying how super sad and disappointed I am in my Texas Rangers.  Baseball season is over and we didn't win it all.  I am still upset about this and hope that by the time baseball season comes back around I will have forgiven them and will be ready to cheer them on again.  As of now....I'm not too sure.

Enough about them onto the kiddos! Our little ones are growing so well.  The oldest is learning to talk more each day his little personality is shining through.  He is so caring and a huge helper!  He gives the best hugs and kisses.  And I love it when he brings us a book and asks us to read to him.    He loves playing outside, reading and just being with people who will show him some love :)  We are so blessed to have so many people to help us in showing him that he is special and loved.  From my small group of girls at church to our own family who will drive in to spend time with him, each person is making a difference in him understanding who he is!  We have also been blessed with becoming friends with the middle boys foster mom.  Buck and I are both so thankful for her and her heart and encouragement in this process.  What an amazing woman she is!

With our little man comes huge emotions.  He can pitch of fit with the best of them and knows how to stop that foot when he is mad! We are also constantly having to remind him  he is safe in our house and that we aren't going anywhere.  Last night he came out of his room several times just to make sure we were still here.  I pray that with time he will overcome this fear.

The baby is so much fun.  She is snugly and giggly.  She is rolling all over the place and just talking to us the whole time.  She is really the happiest baby ever and of course one of the prettiest.  I love our mornings together.  When I get to give her all my attention while we read, play,talk, and run errands together.  

While these children have brought so much joy to our lives I was reminded yesterday that their time here is not permanent.  The ultimate goal is for their mom to get well and for their family to reunited.  It's hard for me at times to imagine our life without them.   But after a few hours of moping around, I realized that this is why he decided to become foster parents, to help families become whole again, to show families that you can thrive when you make good choices and to use the resources when you need help.  I also have to remember that God is still in the business of changing people and no one is beyond his love.  So as much as I would like for these little ones to be with us forever, I feel that for now I need to root on their mom and do what I can help her.  But I do pray that if/when they return home that God will provide us with peace.

However until we know that outcome of their case we love them and go on like they are here forever, and what a blessing they are and they bring such joy to our home!

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  1. You guys are amazing! I love hearing about the progress the kiddos are making. It's amazing what a little love and consistency can do. You have a tough job and you are doing it beautifully!