Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"I pray"

The past few weeks have been busy busy at the Baskin house.  We have lots of family come to our home, we have been to the fair twice and of course we have watched lots of baseball.  I have just loved every moment of having family around and experiencing new things with our little ones.  But two things stand out more than the others.

Last Friday we spent the night with two of the brothers of our children.  It was a blast.  It was loud and crazy but so much fun to see them enjoy being with each other and having "family prayer time"  We are so blessed to have these (and I mean even the ones not in our home) in our lives.  

Also as many of you may know our oldest came to our house being able to say one word "Spiderman".  We have been working so hard on learning to speak, ask for things and not pitching a fit or grunting.  There are days it's hard but all worth it for last night.  At bedtime we gather everyone and read a bible story and talk about it.  Then we always ask who do you want to pray, Mami or Papi?  He will choose and he repeats the prayer we say.  (super cute)  Well last night he pointed to himself and said I pray.   Of course I said sure (thinking I wonder if we will be able to understand him).  But then I heard him speak more clearly than I ever have as he thanked God for school, his friends, mami, papi, his sister, and for loving him.  Though he did mumble in between his clear words I was so excited I cried! ( I'm a weeper what can I say).  It was so beautiful.

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  1. Amazing!! The way that y'all are loving those kids makes a world of difference!