Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fall, well eh, I think it's fall...

Ok I must begin by stating I love the fall time of year.  It's probably my favorite time of year.  People start to get a little nicer (it's not too close to Christmas for the niceness to wear off) and the weather is perfect.  I know here in my part of Texas we really do not get too much of the leaves changing colors but it's enough for me.  It's reminder to me of the opportunity we have to change and to start over and how beautiful (and ugly) the process of change can be!  Too bad though it's too hot here for the leaves to change and I am still wearing shorts and flip flops but these are the things November *usually* brings.

I have spent my morning in prayer concerned about the most precious little boy that God has placed in our home for this season.  He is growing, learning, laughing, and he is hurting.  I find it so frustrating at times that he cannot verbalize what is upsetting him.  Our little one shows such big emotions, pitching these huge fits, hitting things and yelling.  He cries and tells us "no" but he cannot communicate with us what it is he wants/needs.  I find myself wondering how to comfort him, how to teach him he is safe with us, how to give him an outlet for his emotions.  I am angry that a young boy has experienced so much that he has such huge emotions.  So as we enter into this time of year that reminds me of change, love and new beginnings, I pray that we can love our little one into his new beginning where he can leave behind the hurt and shed whatever pain may be bothering him.

Don't get me wrong not every day is a "bad" day but even if there is one, that is one too many for me.  So please join me in prayer for our little man.  That he will first understand the love that only God can provide and that he know he is safe and loved at our house.  Also that he will continue to learn how to communicate and that Buck and I will be creative in our ways to allow him to communicate.  He is a beautiful child with a big heart and I look forward to our continued journey with him.  And thank you for a God that is bigger than any situation.

Happy 6 months to the littlest member of our family!  What a blessing she has been and what a joy it has been to see her and her brother interact with each other and us.  Love them to pieces!

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