Tuesday, July 12, 2011


It's a month and a half since our little family has doubled in size.  Buck and I have just fallen in love with the two little ones that have been placed in our home.  It took us a while to get into a routine and we are still learning a lot about parenting and about each other.

The oldest is probably the cutest little boy I have been around in a while.  Most of the little ones in my life are girls so I think it's safe to say this :)  He loves  to run and jump and play and swing and sing and do anything that isn't sitting still.  He's so polite but can throw a huge fit when he doesn't get his way. He has really taught me what it means when God says his mercies are new each day :)  Each night after we do our bedtime prayers with him, no matter how rough bath time might have been (which he hates) it's hard to remember we were upset with him.  Thankful God does the same for us.  I know that I have been a recipient of his forgiveness many times.

Today he had oral surgery to fix some things wrong in his mouth.  He was such a great trooper and only kicked me once and spit up the "silly" juice all over me once too :)  We got to see a new side of him, the still, snuggly quiet side.  Though it was sweet we are looking forward to him running circles around us again. We love how many of our friends and family have taken the time to love on him and run circles in our house with him.

The littlest one came to us when she was just two weeks old.  I must tell you that I was a little nervous at first but she has been such a blessing.  She is a fairly easy baby who doesn't like the mornings , but who does?  I know I don't.  I am fussy in the morning too.  We have been able to see her grow and take some developmental steps.  I love listening to her coo.  She loves to talk to herself.  She has stretched me because I am not a morning person but she can't feed herself just yet :) so someone has to get up and love her about 3:30 every morning.   I do let Buck to this often too).  When I am up this early there is something peaceful about how still and quiet it is.  If I can get myself out of bed and I enjoy being still ( well until she screams).

I have a unique opportunity to being involved with the rest of their brothers and getting to talk to their mom.  The other foster moms are great women and we chat often and get to have play dates about once a week.  I value that their mom does want to chat every once in a while and though it's not best for them to be with her right now maybe she will not feel as though she is missing too much and that she may find some peace in knowing that her little ones are being loved by a community of people who also want her to get well.  I can't bare to even think about the day they will/or might get to go home.  I will be a wreck, full of joy and sadness.  But I know that if it isn't hard for a child to leave our home then we are not doing our job.

To end on a light hearted note....Buck and I get many stares and some funny questions while we are out with the little ones but my favorite so far was by a lady in Kroger who said "your babies are so precious but is he (pointing to Buck) your babies' daddy?"  I politely smiled and said yes as I watched her tilt her head, scrunch up her forehead and try to figure out how.  Oh people....why must you be so nosey :)

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