Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh boy and a girl!!!! :)

It's been an adventurous week around the Baskin house.  Last Tuesday we has a little boy (3 years old) and a newborn girl (3 weeks old) placed in our home.  It was strange how we were instantly "parents".  Both have been such a joy to have around even through the midnight feedings, the moods of a 3 year old and all the crying and messes made.  We both have been surprised at how well we all work together and it feels as though they have been here for a while.

It's sweet to watch the two little ones interact and how much the boy wants to be a great big brother.  He loves on his sister and helps feed her.  However growing up in a family of all girls, having a best friend who is a family of all girls and we have all nieces....boys have so much energy!  We run, play, draw, read, blow bubbles, eat a snack, and play in the dirt and that's all in the first hour of being awake.  Hahaha.  Buck and I have zero problems falling asleep :)

And in the midst of it all I got sick.  I was in bed with a fever and not able to eat anything for two days.  Buck was a single dad.  But thank goodness for my grandma who came to the rescue and helped us for a while.  After a few rounds an antibiotic I am finally feeling better. :)

Also this weekend we were able to be apart of our oldest nieces baptism service.  It was a special time for our family and loved how both of the nieces loved on the children and played with them.  The boy loved it and can't wait to play some more.  

Tonight we have some friends coming over who have a boy just about the same age.  We are hoping for the beginning of a beautiful friendship, or at least a familiar face when we go to church on Sunday.

Thanks for all of the calls,  encouragement, visits, and help.  We are thankful to have so many along in this adventure with us.  Please keep their mom in your prayers.  We pray she gets healed and her family can be together again, but until that happens we are loving this children God has brought us for such a time as this.

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