Saturday, July 23, 2011

2 month already!

It's been almost 2 months since our little ones were placed in our home.  It's been quite an adventure and tons of joy.  I have quickly learned that I can function on 5-6 hours of sleep.  Even though I like more :)

As I am up early this morning feeding the baby it's hard to think that one day they may be with someone else and not in our home.  It will feel empty.  I know this is all part of the process but still for right now I choosing not to like it.   We do not have a timeline or even know when this day may come.  So until then we will continue to make memories, have fun and help/watch them grow.  Each day brings new surprises and for the baby she new looks different.

Today there will be some first in our family today.  First time I have ever been to Chucke Cheese (it's true, I am almost 30 and never even been inside one).  And the first Ranger game for our oldest.  I know, were you sad that he's three and hasn't been to a game yet? No worries tonight we plan on changing that for him.

Guess I will try to get some more sleep before the oldest gets up but please continue to pray for their mom and that decisions in their best interest will be made for them.  (It's hard for me to be ok with people who are not with them all the time making the decisions, but I am praying for the best).

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