Sunday, August 4, 2013

New news

With the summer coming to a close and the beginning of school just around the corner, I wanted to share an update on our kiddos.  I rarely share these because as soon as we get one they usually change.

First, good news for us!  The littlest in our crew, a now 14 month old girl  has an adoption date set with us!  After her parents relinquished their rights there is a 90 day waiting period to see if anyone will appeal the decision.   We went to court in July and the Judge told us that she does not feel there is any reason for us to worry about the appeal period and set us an adoption date for November 22 which happens to be National Adoption Day!!!  We are so excited but still taking it a day at time as we know there are many things, specifically paperwork that has to occur before we can make this all happen.  However we are so thankful to have made it this far with her and are trusting God that the rest will fall into place.

Our littlest boy has court in August.  We will know more about his case then.  Until we know we are loving his laughter, watching him grow and of course  helping him develop his natural pitching arm! :)

The oldest in our home has had a few rough weeks with some rough news so if you remember please pray for his little heart as he processes what is going on.  He is so ready to start school and is becoming more inquisitive each day.  He doesn't even stop between questions for us to answer him :)

I hope all of you are enjoying what is left of your summer!  I have enjoyed having my whole family home but I am looking forward to the school year starting.  We can't wait for the football/volleyball games (go Poteet Pirates), cooler weather, Buck turning 30, and so much more that this new school year brings!

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