Thursday, July 11, 2013

So a little over two year in...

There are some things you choose to do because it is the right thing to do and you feel better that you've made a difference.  There are also thing you do because they are the right thing to do and it changes you.  The latter describes our foster care journey.  We began it because it was the right thing for us as a family.  We wanted to stop talking about making a difference in others' lives and actually do something.

Over the past 2 plus years we have met many families in crisis, little ones, CPS workers, fellow Buckner families, lawyers, etc that have each impacted our adventure in foster care.  It has not all been easy.  We have shed many tears in the process- some of deep sorrow and some of joy.  However all of this has brought us to where we are today. We currently have two potential adoptive cases in our home.  We have a precious 12 month old little girl whose smile will melt your heart and eyes will allow her to get away with anything.  She is tiny and full of spunk.  There is also a 15 month old little boy who is always happy.  His laugh is contagious and he full of affection.  He loves kisses and hugging and playing with the other kids in the home.  We currently have one other foster child in the home.  He is a hard worker who has overcome so much in his little life.  He likes to help and loves to ask questions :)

So how have we changed?  Well we didn't choose to do foster care so we could adopt, we are adopting because we did foster care.  Adoption was not on our radar, not why we chose to get into foster care.  Honestly we thought we would give children a safe haven while their parents worked out their issues or until a family member could permanently care for them.  God's plans are bigger than ours!  Buck and I had talked about kids before we got married.  We decided we wanted two but we wanted to wait a while.  Ask us now and here is our answer.....we want a house full, as many as we can get in our house and still get around in a car together (a bigger car is in our future)!  

We are lucky that most everyone in our family and friends are super supportive and are  big cheerleaders for us and even for foster care.  What a blessing.  We have had a few nay sayers but that comes with anything you do.  By far the most asked question we get is "don't you want children that look like you, will you ever have bio children of your own?"  I think that's a rather personal question and I find it odd that people think it's their business to know.  I have never really known what to say to this and usually change the subject.  However as I was driving to take our oldest to speech therapy yesterday God reminded me of a verse, Genesis 1:27 So He created man in His own image, In the image of God He created them, male and female.   So when I look at these precious little ones they are God's image and when I see myself I too am created in God's image which means we do look alike.  My children no matter how they come to live in our home will look like us because we are all created in the image of God!

And though they may not physically look like us they do remind us of God's vastness.  How he loves all people red, yellow, black and white and we have to add brown for our house-it's left out of the song  :) What a picture of what Heaven will be like-all people from all nations of all colors praising the same God!  So how has this journey changed us? We see God a little bigger and have learned to love with a little more compassion.

Please pray with us as we continue along this journey, for our two potential adoptive children and for our foster case as well.  Pray for all involved and for our future little ones.  What a joy to be a part of something bigger than you ever could have dreamed.

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