Tuesday, February 19, 2013


What a crazy past moth it has been at our house.  Of course when it is not crazy at our house :)

One week after we reopened our home for placements after our two month break, Buckner called for the placement of a 5 month old baby.  A sweet little one that we were receiving from his stay in the hospital.  Although I cannot tell you why he was there I can tell you that God was truly looking out for this little one and must have big plans for him.  I would often tell him that God must want him to do something great since he kept him safe and allowed him to heal.  He went to live with his grandmother after a month with us.

This month we also were blessed to keep our niece for three weeks.  What a joy she was!  We played and laughed and got sick and played some more.  Hallie is full of energy and just loves to be with people.

We dog sat also in the last month and last weekend we had DNow at our church.  We had 15 girls at our house for the weekend.

It's been a beautiful messy past month but we loved it!  However, I am thankful for a day or two of rest.  We are taking time to clean the house and get it back into order and spending time praying for the next children (and the family they represent) that will be placed in our home.  Though the quiet is needed from time to time, I must be honest....I miss the craziness.  It's in those times you grow and you learn how to love!

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