Friday, June 22, 2012

What a month we have had at our house.  Our little ones are still with us and their emotions have just gotten bigger.  To be honest it is sometimes hard to stay calm in the midst of the anger our little ones are showing.  I know it's not completely their fault and I know that they have not been taught what's right and what's wrong however it's hard to remember that if you are being hit, yelled at or even bitten :)  I find myself tired a lot more.  It's not the emotions or the behavior that is tiring but to constant need to have to be one step ahead or having to be ready to de-escalate at any time or to walk one of them through what to do with their anger.

I am overwhelmed with sadness for them and wish that their healing process wouldn't have to take to so long (for them and for us).   And I am sad that they have valid reasons to be angry.  A lot has happened in their little lives.

However, Buck and I were able to talk to their grandmother yesterday and for the first time I had a peace.  I was able to hear more of their story and know that they do have a family member in their corner who has chosen to make better decisions.  It the midst of all the junk these little ones have to deal with it, it was a nice reminder of the healing power that God provides.

Also what a blessing it is to have such a good family and friends who don't get freaked out when we have a 2 hour yelling fit at our house or if something goes flying in the house.  It's a welcomed comfort to know that they will still love on these little ones and even give us a break from time to time (yay to mom who listened to a screaming fit so we didn't have too).  You guys make what we do easier!

And though it can be a zoo around here it makes it all worth it when you see a smile or you finally get a thank you or even an "I love you" at bedtime.  We are doing life together; what a blessing!

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