Monday, February 14, 2011

Last Interview

Wow, it's been a crazy last two weeks.  We had record snow, ice and cold temps in the metroplex which kept us inside for a long time.  I went a little stir crazy while Buck loved every minute of it (he read several books and did some writing).  We also had a death in our family and though it was a sad time it was a beautiful time with family.  Buck's family is huge and it was so much fun to be around so many people who love you with kids running around, stories being told, lots of food, and at least for the weekend everyone got along.  Unfortunately I did not know Buck's granddad that well, he was already in pretty bad health by the time I came around, the times I did get to talk with him one thing was evident, he loved God and he loved his family.  His funeral was truly a celebration of a life well lived.  Buck and I both hope that as we continue in the process of becoming foster parents that we will have the same heart, zeal and love for those who will be in and out of our home and lives as his granddad did.

Today we will be spending our Valentine's Day doing our last interview with Buckner.  We have both come to enjoy our time with Jim, our interviewer, and will miss our chats.  Hopefully we will see him as we continue our relationship with Buckner.  We are also thankful to our church family who has really showed us some encouragement and support over the past few weeks as we continue to prepare.  I have been humbled by the many people who are so interested in hearing what we are doing and wanting to help out.   We still have quite a few things we need to do but I am feeling good about getting it all completed.  This weeks project is going to be sanding a wall for a project in the kids' room.

 Hope you all have a great week and are making sure you are living life to it's fullest that one day you too will be celebrated for the life you lived.

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