Monday, February 21, 2011

Questions, Comments, Concerns

I must preface this blog by saying that most people in our lives are super encouraging and supportive of us. But as I was chatting with an old friend who I reconnect with recently she was asking me of all the dumb things people have said to us and does it make me upset to hear people say such stupid things to us.  It use to frustrate me, but now it just makes me smile at their ignorance.  For example, here are some questions I have been asked or concerns people have voiced to me.

1.  You do know that "those" children (ok, I must be honest that anytime some says those type of kids does anger me a little) will change your life?

So really there are people out there that have children and their life doesn't change.   :)

2. You just wait, I bet the children in your home will fight and disobey you.
Again, seriously, there are kids that don't disobey.  I know that I haven't had children of my own but anyone who has seen children, babysat, or there is a child in their family knows this is true.  

3.  You do realize you are asking to have trouble and chaos in your home?

First, sure their may be some trouble but as with anything good there is some trouble. But trouble doesn't have to be crippling to us, and child or not people have trouble.  As for chaos, I have seen homes with children in them and biological children or not some level of chaos is present.

I know (or at least hope) that each person is just misinformed and are saying such things with good intentions, however, sometimes you want to look at them and say, did you really just ask me that, you do realize how dumb that just sounded.  But instead I just smile.

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  1. I think you should say something to them. But that is just me. I am glad and happy for what you 2 are doing, especially because you are following what God has called you to. I think you will be blessed, even if you do get some emotionally and behaviorally disturbed children. You will love them the same way you would if they weren't and I know you will be a blessing to them