Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How Can I Help?

We have had several people over the last few weeks ask how they can help us in this process.  Well the biggest thing you can do is pray.  Prayer not only for us, but for the children, their birth families, the caseworkers involved and for Buckner.

Also there are a few things that we still need to properly care for children, so if you know of places of where to get great deals on cribs, car seats, baby monitor, etc please let us know.  We will have to be ready for an age range of children (boy or girl) and there are somethings that will be stables.  It can be overwhelming to think about but (thanks to my mom)  we have a pretty good system figured out, we just need to get the things :)

If you are still wanting to do more but are not interested in becoming foster parents you can volunteer at your local CASA.  Go here to learn more about them. They are a great organization and I have two close friends that work and volunteer for CASA.   You can also call your local foster care agency and ask how you can help, we suggest Buckner but there are several other good ones in the area.

Thanks for the continued support

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  1. I am so excited to know that you are so close to getting your first child/children. This has been the best experience of our lives so far. Craig's List was a huge help for us when looking for furniture for the kids rooms. We couldn't afford new furniture so we used Craig's List and garage sales. Don't buy car seats from either though, you don't know where they have been. I suggest you buy a good convertible car seat (one that holds infants from 5lbs to toddlers about 40-50 lbs). These kind can sit rear and forward facing so they work from birth until a child is almost 4 and you won't have to worry about having a bunch of different ones. They also make booster seats with a 5 point harness and back that goes from about 40 lbs to about 100 lbs for bigger kids. A harness is safer than a seat belt for toddlers/young children in boosters. You can get strollers, dressers, etc from Craig's list though or garage sales. A dresser with a changing pad on top works as a changing table too and saves space. Send me your address and I'll mail a changing pad and covers as well as some crib sheets that we have extra of, send your phone number too, I don't have it and I would love to talk to you. Garage sales are also great for kids toys and books to have on hand. I know how hard it is to get all the stuff you need and not know the age or gender of your child and you have to be prepared for everything. Prayers are with you and Buck.