Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Tonight we get the opportunity to talk with a couple about adoption/foster care.  This may be one of my favorite things I get to do in life.  I love our journey and what foster care means to us.  I love talking about it. As I was thinking about it throughout the morning I thought about how different life is now that we are adoptive parents and biological parents.

It has been three years in November since we adopted our daughter.  Three years, I cannot believe it.  So what is different?  How has it changed us?  Why should someone consider adoption through foster care.  The easy answer is because it blesses you and gives you a joy you never thought you needed.  It has changed us for the better.  

But lets be honest for a few moments.  It is hard.  It is hard.  It is hard! This is not for the weak of heart.  We have spent lots of hours in tears over the kids in and out of our home.  Lots of prayer, lots of trips to the doctor, counseling and schools.  I was not naive and knew once we adopted that the trauma of the past would just not disappear.  However, what I did not take in account for was how I felt lonely in this world of adoption-how people just didn't get it or know what to say.  The pain of trauma looks different in each of our adoptive kiddos and how to figure out what is best for each child does not come easy even for this social worker momma.   I did not prepare myself for how protective I would feel of their sweet little spirits.  I did not think we would barely get to sleep (it is getting better!!!!)  and that my decisions based on no sleep would not always be my best.  These are the things I wish someone would have told me.  I would not change a thing, and will gladly sleep two hours so my child feels safe, but I do wish I have had a better idea.  So if you are thinking of foster care or adoption please talk to people who have gone before you in this.  They have been my life savers.  Surround yourself with friends and family who will listen and though will not always get it, they are there!

But honestly it is the most beautiful thing we have done.  I love what it has taught me about Christ and His love for me, my family, my friends, my neighborhood and the world.  I am sure looking after His kids is a hard tasks and He always knows when to give mercy and when to discipline.  I also love we are always a walking advertisement for foster care.  For those who may not know, our kids are black, brown and white--one of each!  We get lots of questions and mostly people are truly interested.  What an opportunity God has given us to share His Love with others around us.  We get to invite our friends into our world and share with them.  We get to talk to strangers about who our Lord is!  So this, this is the reason I would tell you to consider foster care and adoption.  Yes, you will change a child's life or two, you will be blessed as well, but you get to share about how God helps you through it all.  You have a way to always bring up His love.  I did not expect this outcome. We love because He first loved us and because of that we choose foster care and adoption.  Join us!

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