Monday, January 16, 2012

How to say this?

As I write this, I am sitting at home while both kids are sleeping so peacefully in their rooms and my heart doesn't feel as peaceful.  As our journey as foster parents has been such a joy over the past 8 months nothing can prepare for this part of the journey.  The little blessings that have been in our home for the most amazing 8 months will be transitioning home starting first of February.  We have known for a while but I just wasn't sure how to handle this and how to tell everyone who chose to be a part of their lives that soon they will no longer be in our home and no longer be a part of our family.

We knew this going in.  We knew that the goal is for families to heal but it doesn't mean it doesn't hurt any less.  I have already spent hours in tears and in prayer for our sweet babies and their families.  I can honestly tell you that I am happy for this family.  I am proud of their mom who chose to make a change and fight to have her kids back.   However here are a few questions that people have asked us as we have began telling them the news about the kids going home.

When will it happen?
We really don't know.  It could change from day to day, but my best guess is by end of February.

How are you doing?
Well, I am tired, sad, happy, excited, feeling lost, concerned, and ..... you get the picture.  It depends on the day or even time of the day or what cute thing our little ones did.  But when I take time to think rationally about it I know it will be super hard but I am happy they will be able to be will their brothers again.

Can you stay in contact with them?
It's up to their mom.

Will you do this again?
YES!!!  As much as this part will be hard and we may not function for a few days, we realize that there is a job to be done.  As long as there are kids who need home while their families heal we will do this.  (or until God tells us different).

Can you love other children as much as you do them?
I sure hope so!  Each child is different and has different gifts and needs different healing.  Just like all our friends are different.  And we don't love our newer friends any less than our older friends :)

How can we help?
You can pray for their family (brothers and mom).  But they biggest thing you can do is love the next children that are in our home and the next and the next.  We need you!!!  Our kids need you.  Our friends and family are the reason why the kiddos have had the experience they have had here.  They know they are loved and it's been amazing!

Well that's about it for now.  Please be patient with us as we figure this out and we will do our best to keep everyone updated.  And know that even though you may see my cry or you may see me smile that in my heart, I know God is taking care of these kids and that a family is healing.  And that is enough for me to keep going and to do this again.

Thanks for loving our kids!

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