Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Baseball and Buckner

Ok, so I know this blog is suppose to be about our adventures as we become foster parents however, I must take a few moments to rant about my Rangers.  Ever since I moved to the DFW area I have been at opening day.  I would save vacation days, flex days or take off from school so I could be there.  It means spring has started which is the most wonderful time here in Texas.  I love it.  I love Ranger baseball and seeing families take trips to the ballpark and friends hanging out.  The smells, the sounds, ballpark nachos, the hope of catching a foul ball....just a few of the wonderful things about baseball.   With all the wonderful things I can saw about Ranger baseball (and I even thought they were wonderful with they weren't winning, I sat through many many losing seasons) I am sad to have gotten a rejection letter from them.  This year we had to sign up for the "opportunity" to have the chance to maybe get to buy opening day tickets.  Everyone I know got a rejection letter and I felt like it was personal when I got mine.  Me, a fan through the ugliness that use to be the Rangers, a fan of Ian's the first game he played, a fan who has been at the coldest game in Ranger history and who will sit in the 100 degree weather, I was rejected by the Rangers.  It was a sad sad day here but I am trying to remind myself it's not personal, it's business but it still stings a little.

And just in case you are wondering what I will be doing come April 1 for opening day, I will be grilling out at friends and watching the Rangers play (on TV).    And  whether we win or lose I am here from the beginning to cheer on my Rangers!

Today Buckner will be coming and doing their last walk through and then we will have our inspections from the county and we are done.  Buck and I are super excited about getting all the steps completed with and are grateful for all the help people have provided us.  My mom and I had a great time last weekend out shopping and organizing  and we are looking forward to Buck's mom coming and helping us paint.  And as our time gets nearer I get more and more excited about playing a role in helping families heal and getting to love on little ones.  We have all needed help from time to time in our lives and this is our way of helping others hopefully through us others will know the love and hope and God can provide.


  1. Hey Stephanie! I (Becca Walton Smith, etbu) spent two years as an investigator for CPS. The hardest job ever. I am so thankful to see that you and your husband will be foster parents. You are needed and cherished! There were so many times I had to place children in the only open foster home and, well, it was probably not the best place. Thank you for sacrificing and giving your time and love to children who desperately need it.

  2. Thanks Becca! We are totally looking forward to it and I think that since I worked in the foster care system in some form for the past almost seven years it has helped prepare us for what we are about to do. But I must be honest, it does make me a little nervous. I appreciate the kind words, it's nice to hear from others in the field who understand.